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Erotic Feet Massage

The massage of the legs and feet is an excellent preamble to erotic massage, but it is also an ideal completion in itself. Like other parts of the body, the feet have erogenous zones.

The delicate ankles, extended by the soft arch, are a call to caresses. Maybe your partner appreciates when you play with your feet and toes and when you kiss them? A sensual foot massage relaxes and excites at once. It can trigger real chills all over the body and be a great source of pleasure. Choose together an erotic complex of massage oils. Sandalwood oil and sweet almond oil give a blend perfectly suited to foot massage.

Erogenous zones of the feet

In reflexology, some areas of the foot are connected to different organs.

On both sides of the heel are points that correspond to the ovaries, testicles and prostate, and generally to the female and male genitals. The entire area from the bottom of the heel to the leg is tied to the lower abdomen. The gentle and affectionate circular motions at this place have a stimulating and beneficent action.

Three points of sexual stimulation are aligned in the middle of the sole of the foot, between the heel and the second toe. A fourth point is on the inner edge of the arch. You can massage the energy line in a spiral motion and perform delicate circular motions around the fourth point.


Prepare the oil, towels and blankets. Your partner is lying on his back, slightly covered by temperature. The bottom line is that you both feel comfortable.

Place a small cushion under his knees. Sit at his feet, and hold them tenderly in your hands. Pour some oil into your hands and warm it up.

Now grasp the left foot of your partner and make gentle circular movements with the thumb, clockwise, around each of the two malleoli. Repeat this movement with the right foot.

Now place the tips of the first three fingers of each of your hands on the outer malleolus of the ankles.

Make circular motions all around: five circles in one direction, then five more circles in the opposite direction. Make slow eight-shaped movements around the external malleolus. Ask about the effect and vary the pressure. Then play by varying the range of motion in eight.

Give the other a little time to feel the rise of the flow of energy.

The deepening of the pleasure

First, cover your partner’s right foot to keep him warm, and put both hands on his left foot. Apply scented oil on the instep and on the plant. Make it penetrate with the most fluid movements possible from the middle of the foot to the top of the ankle, one hand following the other.

Take your foot between your palms and slide your hands in a tread towards the toes. Repeat this movement several times. Now grasp the instep with both hands and slowly slide each side towards the toes.

The fingertips of each hand runs on the sole of the foot exerting a slight pressure. Continue this maneuver to go up to the ankle.

Ask your partner if the pressure is right for her, and vary her according to her preferences. Repeat this movement several times.

Stroke the instep with your two thumbs parallel to each other. In this zone is the stimulation point corresponding to the groin.

By forming the figure of the “eight”, connect the internal and external malleolus. Perform gentle, smooth movements around the ankle again.

Now grab the foot with your left hand. Using the thumb of your right hand, draw circles in the center of the plant, applying gentle pressure. Gradually integrate the stimulation points. Now take care of your toes: take each one with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Give them some kisses and licks.

Cover the left foot and repeat the entire massage on the right foot.

Relaxing conclusion

Cover both of your partner’s feet, then apply oil to the top and plant again. Concentrate on the external malleolus; caress it again, forming the figure of the eight.

Finally take his two heels in your hands, pull his feet towards you and swing his legs. It is a very relaxing movement.

You can then cover the toes of your partner with soft kisses and follow their contours of the tongue. His body will respond to these affectionate gestures by shivers of well-being into the head and genitals.

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